Schedule icon RubyConf 2018 Schedule

Below, you'll find all the talks happening across five different rooms and three full days at RubyConf 2018. There's a lot of great stuff here, so start making your plans now!

9:30AM -10:30AM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon OPENING KEYNOTE Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz)
10:40AM -11:20AM
Emerald Room Ethical Decisions Responsibility, Nuremberg, and Krishna

Caleb Thompson

Gold Room Scaling Teams Sweat the Small Stuff

Aaron Harpole

Crystal Ballroom General The Games Developers Play

Andy Croll

Tiffany Room General RubyPlot - Creating a Plotting Library for Ruby

Pranav Garg

11:30AM -12:10PM
Emerald Room Ethical Decisions Being Good: An Introduction to Robo- and Machine Ethics

Eric Weinstein

Gold Room Scaling Teams Designing an engineering team: Making room for everyone

Jack Danger

Crystal Ballroom General Cats, The Musical! Algorithmic Song Meow-ification

Beth Haubert

Tiffany Room General Graphics and Simulations (and Games), Oh My!

Ryan Davis

12:10PM -1:20PM
Regency Room Food icon LUNCH
1:20PM -1:50PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon RUBY FAMILY FEUD MC: Evan Phoenix
2:00PM -2:40PM
Emerald Room Ethical Decisions Unraveling the Masculinization of Technology

Audrey Eschright

Gold Room Scaling Teams The Dangers of Tribal Knowledge

Annie Sexton

Crystal Ballroom Taming Services Yes, You Should Provide a Client Library For Your API

Daniel Azuma

2:50PM -3:30PM
Emerald Room Ethical Decisions The Psychology of Fake News (And What Tech Can Do About It)

Cecy Correa

Gold Room Scaling Teams Empowering Early-Career Developers

Mercedes Bernard

Crystal Ballroom Taming Services Uncoupling Systems

Jeremy Hanna

3:30PM -4:00PM
Sponsor Galleria Food icon AFTERNOON BREAK
4:00PM -4:40PM
Emerald Room Ethical Decisions Ethical Data Collection for Regular Developers

Colin Fleming

Gold Room General Secrets of a Stealth Mentee

Katherine Wu

Crystal Ballroom Taming Services Building for Gracious Failure

James Thompson

Tiffany Room General Ruby-us Hagrid: Writing Harry Potter with Ruby

Alex Peattie

4:50PM -5:40PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon KEYNOTE Bianca Escalante
9:30AM -10:20AM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon KEYNOTE: HOW TO BUILD A MAGICAL LIVING ROOM Saron Yitbarek
10:30AM -11:10AM
Emerald Room General The Ruby Developer's Command Line Toolkit

Brad Urani

Gold Room Incident Response Retrospectives for Humans

Courtney Eckhardt

Crystal Ballroom Inside Ruby Let's subclass Hash - what's the worst that could happen?

Michael Herold

11:20AM -12:00PM
Emerald Room General The Developer's Toolkit: Everything We Use But Ruby

Noel Rappin

Gold Room Incident Response What poker can teach us about post-mortems

Cory Chamblin

Crystal Ballroom Inside Ruby Trash Talk: A Garbage Collection Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Colin Fulton

Tiffany Room General BDD: Baby Driven Development

Allison McMillan

12:00PM -1:10PM
Regency Room Food icon LUNCH
1:10PM -1:40PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon LIVE MOB REFACTORING Team Mob
1:50PM -2:30PM
Gold Room Incident Response It's Down! Simulating Incidents in Production

Kelsey Pedersen

Crystal Ballroom Inside Ruby Pointers for Eliminating Heaps of Memory

Aaron Patterson

Tiffany Room General Refactoring the Technical Interview

Mark Siemers

2:40PM -3:20PM
Emerald Room General Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure

Brandon Weaver

Gold Room Make It Faster Optimizations in Multiple Dimensions

Jamie Gaskins

Crystal Ballroom General Parallel programming in Ruby3 with Guild

Koichi Sasada

Tiffany Room General Code Review, Forwards and Back

Sumana Harihareswara, Jason Owen

3:20PM -3:50PM
Sponsor Galleria Food icon AFTERNOON BREAK
3:50PM -4:30PM
Emerald Room General Inheritance, Composition, Ruby and You

Cody Stringham

Gold Room Make It Faster Cache is King: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck From Ruby

Molly Struve

Crystal Ballroom General ROM: the final frontier of mruby

Masayoshi Takahashi, Yurie Yamane

Tiffany Room General Documentation Tradeoffs and Why Good Commits Matter

Greggory Rothmeier

4:40PM -5:20PM
Emerald Room General The Case of the Missing Method — A Ruby Mystery Story

Nadia Odunayo

Gold Room Make It Faster Practical guide to benchmarking your optimizations

Anna Gluszak

Crystal Ballroom General The secret power of Ruby 2.6: JIT

Takashi Kokubun

Tiffany Room General Make Ruby Write Your Code for You

Alex Stephen

5:30PM -7:00PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon LIGHTNING TALKS Various
9:30AM -10:20AM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon KEYNOTE: UNLEARNING - THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE Jessie Shternshus
10:30AM -11:10AM
Emerald Room General JRuby 2018: Real World Performance

Thomas E Enebo, Charles Oliver Nutter

Gold Room General Branch in Time

Tekin Suleyman

Crystal Ballroom Lead Rubyist No Title Required: How Leadership Can Come From Anywhere

Jim Liu

Tiffany Room General Ruby is the Best Javascript

Kevin Kuchta

11:20AM -12:00PM
Emerald Room RubyKaigi Hijacking Ruby Syntax in Ruby

Tomohiro Hashidate, Satoshi "Moris" Tagomori

Gold Room General Building Generic Software

Chris Salzberg

Crystal Ballroom Lead Rubyist Humans Aren't APIs And Your Request Is 400 Denied

Jennifer Tu

Tiffany Room General Cheating with Ruby

Cameron Dutro

12:00PM -1:10PM
Regency Room Food icon LUNCH
1:10PM -1:40PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon d[-_-]b REPL-ELECTRIC Joseph Wilk
1:50PM -2:30PM
Emerald Room RubyKaigi Building web-based board games only with Ruby

Yoh Osaki

Gold Room General Building a Memex (with Ruby!)

Andrew Louis

Crystal Ballroom Lead Rubyist The New Manager's Toolkit

Brandon Hays

Tiffany Room General Building Serverless Ruby Bots

Damir Svrtan

2:40PM -3:20PM
Emerald Room RubyKaigi The New Design of Ruby's Documentation


Crystal Ballroom Lead Rubyist Eiffel's Tower

Nickolas Means

Tiffany Room General High-speed cables for Ruby

Vladimir Dementyev

3:20PM -3:40PM
Sponsor Galleria Food icon AFTERNOON BREAK
3:40PM -4:30PM
Biltmore Bowl Keynote icon Q&A WITH MATZ Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz)
4:30PM -5:30PM
Sponsor Galleria Food icon CLOSING SOCIAL