RubyConf Denver

November 8-10, 2021

Opportunity Scholarships

RubyConf 2020 is offering a limited number of full conference registration scholarships, open to anyone who would not normally attend, though we specifically encourage students, women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups in the technology sector to apply. The Opportunity Scholarship is a chance to jump in to learn more about Ruby specifically and software development in general.

Here are some things that are included in the Scholarship program in addition to a free ticket to the virtual RubyConf 2020 experience:

  • Being matched with a Guide: an experienced programmer or conference-goer who has attended RubyConf before and is already familiar with many key players at the conference.
  • An instant connection to the other Scholars in your cohort, who are also new to the Ruby community.
  • The chance to level up your skills by attending awesome talks throughout the conference and meeting influential people in the community.
  • An invitation to the Slack community for RubyConf 2020 Scholars and Guides. This is a great place to ask any questions of each other before, during, and even after the conference.

Applications are now closed. We will aim to respond to all applicants by October 6, 2020.

Be a RubyConf 2020 Guide!

Want to help bring a new community member into the RubyConf 2020 community? We’re looking for volunteer Guides to partner up with this year’s Opportunity Scholars.

We believe that one strength of the Ruby community is how warmly it welcomes newcomers, and that welcoming spirit is both especially needed and especially challenging to achieve this year. But we have been lucky enough to have incredible Guides over the years, and we know that our beloved community will be up for the challenge!

To be fully transparent, we’re still figuring out the exact details of how Guides can best support and interact with Scholars for a virtual conference, and we look forward to working with you to develop those together.

So, for those who don’t know: Scholars are folks new to the Ruby community, or maybe even new to writing code altogether, and they’re ready to have their first -- hopefully transformative -- RubyConf experience. They’ve been telling us the amazing stories of their path to RubyConf, and we genuinely think they’re going to be wonderful additions to our community. What we need from you is to help welcome them in and make them feel at home!


  • Be available for your Scholar throughout the whole conference.
  • Recommend talks for your Scholar to attend based on their interests, current skill levels, and experiences.
  • Make introductions between your Scholar and established developers, especially ones that might be particularly influential in their areas of interest.
  • Give feedback on breaking into the Ruby work-world, as your Scholar is likely looking for their first Ruby programming gig!

Application Logistics

Please fill out the entire application, as we use what you’ve written here to make the best Scholar/Guide matches that we can, ones that we hope are highly beneficial for both parties. Even if you’ve been a Guide before, the more info you give us, the easier it makes the process. If we don’t have a good sense of who you are and what type of Guide you’d be from your application, it’s difficult to make a good match. We anticipate this application takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Timing of Response

With our commitment to making productive Scholar/Guide matches, we will not be responding to Guide applications until we have made specific matches with Scholars, which we hope to do by Tuesday, October 20. Guide applicants whom we are not able to match with a specific Scholar will be waitlisted -- this is not in any way a statement on the strength of those applications, but rather just the result of the specific matches made with our accepted Scholars.

Applications are now closed. We will aim to respond to all applicants by October 20, 2020.